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Wednesday, 27 July 2011

#WeighInWeds Weigh In #3!

Hello peoples,

Mrs B is absent as she has a real life and is too busy for us so I'm filling in for now!!
Hope everyone has had success in their third week!

You know the score, comment below with your:

Starting weight:
Last weeks weight:
Today's weight:

Anybody had any real success this week or found it a struggle?

- Beth (@plasticrosaries)


  1. Starting weight: 13st 6
    Last weeks weight: 13st 6
    Today's weight: 13st 5

    A flipping pound has run away somewhere!! Better than no pound right? I can't say I'm happy because I've literally been on my feet all week but then I've also been out for lunch 3-4 times which obviously involves less than healthy food...
    Still a pound is a pound.
    I've got to say I'm really struggling with exercise at times, not meaning to sound a wimp but my c-section scar still shouts at me if I overdo things so it's hard to get it right!

    Looking forward to seeing how everyone else has done!

  2. Starting weight: 13st 3
    Last weeks weight: 12st 13
    Today's weight: 12st 13

    Bad bad week this week, eaten like a horse and nothing healthy at all. I've drunk far too much wine and generally been a pig.

    But I haven't added to my weight so that is a bonus, still wish it had been a loss.

    Got to get a move on with my exercise, I am terrible for putting it off. So I am pledging to be more active in my life, starting with a session on my stepper!

    Well done Beth and good luck everyone else!X

  3. Too busy? Pffft headless chicken impressions over here!

    Starting weight : 13st 11
    Last weeks weight :13st 6
    This weeks weight: 13st 6

    Sigh. No change. Stupid thinking slimmer crap! Ah well, like you say Cheryl, atleast it's not a gain tho!

    Well done Beth!

  4. Starting weight: 8st 8
    Last weeks weight: 8st 5
    Today's weight: 8st 5

    Well another non loser here, like you guys have said at least it's not a gain. Haven't done as much walking this week I don't think. Also hubby came home from work with a huge box of Mr Kiplings cakes...argh! I was good I only kept a couple of boxes for us and I gave about 10 boxes away.

    Well done beth

  5. Starting weight: 14.5
    Last week: 13.11
    Today: 13.09

    I put my Starting weight as where I started trying to loose weight a few weeks ago, or there abouts.

  6. Starting weight: 13st 13
    Last weeks weight: 13st 13
    Today's weight: 13st 13

    (I did weigh myself yesterday but computer was being silly)

    I wii fit did tell me I had lost slightly so hopefully I will see the results next week. I have started upping my exercise and I am eating much healthier so hopefully cannot go wrong.

  7. Starting weight:14 11
    Last weeks weight: 14 11 (it's only week 1 for me)
    Today's weight: 14 7 1/2

    It's been not too hard so far - lots of fruit and veg