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Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Weigh in Time! #WeighInWeds

Soooo the dreaded weigh in is here! Lol

How did you do this week girls? Share with us your starting weight and current weight, and any tips or tricks that worked for you!

- Frankee B


  1. Starting weight - 13st 11lb
    Current weight - 13st 8lb
    Weeks difference - lost 3lb!!! *happydance*

    I've started "thinking slimmer" podcasts (@thinkingslimmer on twitter) and listen to that each night before bed. I'm only eating when hungry, not snacking as much and cutting down on sugar in tea/weetabix.

  2. Woohoo, well done that's a great start!

    Starting weight: 11st 6lbs
    Current weight: 11st 4lbs

    A loss of a couple of pounds, which I'm pleased about as I was stuck on the same weight for ages. I'm also doing thinking slimmer, which is giving me the encouragement to do the things I knew I should have been doing all along - less snacking, less junk.

  3. Starting Weight - 9st 8lb
    Current Weight - 9st 9lbs

    Not so good, got to stop snacking and stress eating, blah!

    Keep going ladies you are doing fab!

  4. Start Weight 13st 2lb
    Current Weight 13st 1lb

    Actually considering the amount of wine I drank and the amount of pig, birthday cake and chocolate I ate over the weekend I'm happy with a loss. Although I know where I have to make changes. Portion control is one of my biggest problems, going to see how you lovely ladies get on with the thinking slimmer podcasts and I may be tempted to buy them!

  5. What a waste of a week, I've decided exercise it pointless.

    Start Weight: 13st 6
    Current Weight: 13st 6

    Pfft! I've done 60 mins of Zumba on the Wii (three sessions) and felt like I was dying of sweatdom but it doesn't seem to have made a huge different yet! Gotta do more!!

  6. Started on Monday at 12st 1lb now 12st so that 1lb disappeared somewhere. Have done no exercise but have been careful what I have eaten. Didn't even have biscuits at mum in laws today! Have ought good snacks like olives, feta cheese, peanut butter. Just a little gets rid of choclate cravings!! Will see what happens next week. Keep going all, it will start to show I am sure! :)

  7. I know I'm a day late, but I felt like I was dying yesterday...touch of man flu maybe?! lol Was in bed for 8pm.

    Anyway by some miracle I have lost weight.

    Starting Weight: 8st 8
    Current weight: 8st 6

    Lost 2lbs, I have no idea how. I've been comfort eating all week, baked cakes, baked rhubarb crumble. Done my usual amount of walking... perhaps it was my 3 hours chasing two toddlers at soft play this morning!