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Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Setting our Goals

As this is the start, I thought it would be useful for us to post our goals below. Shre as much or as little info as you like, but remember we can help motivate you more if we know your motivations. 

I'll start by posting my Current weight/Dress size, my target and an aim... something I want to be able to do thanks to achieving my weightloss


  1. Starting Weight - 13st 11lb
    Starting Dress size - 16/18

    Target weight - 10st 13lb
    target dress size - 12

    I want to achieve my target dress size by my husbands 30th birthday in October. I'd love to walk into a shpo and pick up a size 12, and be able to dance my behind off without sweating like a pig!

  2. Starting weight 12st
    Dress size 14 - 16
    Target Weight 11 st
    Target Dress size 12

    Would like to achieve that by October as may be going to school reunion and my wedding anniversary is that month too. :):)

  3. Hoping this works!

    Starting weight 13st 2
    Dress size Large 16
    1st Target weight 12st
    Dress size Large 12

    Will update my target as I go on but like to do small steps at a time...

    Hoping to get there by September 24th for my friends wedding, I do not wnat to look like a frumpy mo-fo in the pictures :D

  4. When I'm fatter next week, you all have permission to beat me with several sticks!

    Current Weight: 13st 6
    Dress Size: Couldn't tell you but assume 16/18

    Target # 1: 12st 6
    Dress Size: I'll know when I get there.

    I'm tackling this a stone at a time to see how I go, if I put down my ultimate target weight right away it'll seem unachievable. In my dreams I'll have the first stone gone by 3rd September, when I become old! x

  5. HI

    Well, I'm mainly for fitness and I'm just not happy at the mo so:

    Starting weight 58.5 kg or 9.2 stone
    Dress size 8-10
    Target Weight 8.9 Stones
    Target Dress size comfortable 8/small 10

    I really want to lose a couple of inches of my hips and be able to run the six miles I used to be able to last year!!

  6. I only have a little to lose, but I need to motivation to do so.

    Current Weight: 8st 8
    Dress size: 12

    Target Weight: 8st 3
    Target Dress Size: 10/small 12

  7. Starting weight: 11st 6lbs
    Starting dress size: 14

    Target weight: 10st 6lbs
    Target dress size: 10/small 12

    I'm also going to stagger my targets to make my ultimate weight seem a little less daunting.

    I've lost a stone in the past 4 months, which I owe to breastfeeding and cutting out dairy. But my weight has plateaued, so it's time to get serious about leading a more active lifestyle and cutting out the junk that I eat. I hate exercise. I like biscuits.

  8. Forgot to write an aim. I'd love to be back in my old summer clothes by mid september when I go on holiday, and to not recoil in horror at the mere thought of wearing a bikini.

  9. Forgot to write an aim to, as Blogger was annoying me. My aim is to feel more comfortable in myself, and feel confident when I'm a bridemaid at the end of.next month.

  10. Starting Weight - 9st 8lb
    Starting Dress size - 10

    Target weight - 8st 4lb
    target dress size - small 10