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Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Weigh in time! Week2 #WeighInWeds

Week two!

How've you done this week guys?

Starting weight:
Last weeks weight:
Today's weight:

Anything that's really helped or you need help on?:

- Frankee B


  1. Starting weight: 13st 11
    Last weeks weight: 13st 8
    Today's weight: 13st 6

    What's worked or I need help? My god I'm over the moon with a 2lb loss, I have eaten disguistingly this week. Pizzahut, Chinese and a curry! Oh and half a block of cheese, and 3 timeouts. Sigh. I'm going to have to credit breastfeeding for this one I Think!

    Still doing thinking slimmer, and it's changing the way I think about food. I've eaten a lot less in my portions of shit food, and not wanted a dessert. Shocker.

  2. Starting weight: 13st 2
    Last weeks weight: 13st 1
    Today's weight: 12st 13

    Whats worked? Erm who knows whats worked... 2lbs off is bloody amazing considering i've not been great again. I've actually moved the scales round the house to check it's not a mistake! I have however been making sure I drink at least 2 litres of water a day and i've just started using my stepper again (which hurts).

    I' ve also been cutting down on snacks and trying to eat healthier. Although I can feel the hormonal urge to gorge creeping up on me, I hate this time of the month, only the thing I am thinking about eating will do!

  3. I'm just shit, no loss, no gain - no nothing. Still 13st 6 - I'm destined to be this forver! HELP!

  4. Is there room for a late, not so little one?

  5. I'm back at starting weight, 11st 6lbs. A gain of 2lbs this week.

    I've been crap with everything this week. Ate more, drank more and stopped listening to my slimpod. I think I decided with a holiday looming I might as well give up, enjoy the wine and cheese in France, and start again when I'm back.

  6. Starting weight: 8st 8
    Last weeks weight: 8st 6
    Today's weight: 8st 5

    Loss of 1lb :D *does celebratory dance* I'm happy with that, whatever I am doing seems to be working. However I think I've lost the 3lbs off my boobs, they are shrinking. My nursing bras are stupidly big, but I refuse to buy new ones!

    I think it's running around after a toddler and a super mobile baby that's helping me, because I don't do any exercise.

    I've just done 6 minutes hula hoop in the wii and died!

    What do people think about weekly challenges? No clue what, I thought something wii related but not everyone has one.

  7. Starting weight: 13st 13lbs
    Last weeks weight: n/a
    Today's weight: 13st 13lbs

    Interesting numbers to start on, not good, considering 3 months pregnant I was over a stone less than this. Still back to walking lots to work.

    I'm interested in a weekly challenge.

  8. Starting weight was 12st 1 and now 11 stone 13! Had a cheeky weigh on Monday and it said 11st 12 so got excited but that pound found me again! :( Will see what happens this week now am back at work. Still if nothing else, eating no junk should be doing me good shouldn't it??? I havent even touched my second box of birthday choccies though hubby is happy to have my share! :) Good luck for the next week - it will probably suddenly creep up on us and we will all of a sudden have lost five pounds! :)

  9. Talking of wii related stuff - will try and do the sword fighting again on wii! That usually gets me hot and bothered. It is also dangerous for the telly but hey - will try this weekend! :)

  10. Cheryl has invited me to join in with you lovely lot. Just started with Weightwatchers online this week
    Starting weight 14 11. (I've got big bones right!) Been to the gym and kept to my points so far. Let's see how this goes