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Wednesday, 3 August 2011

#WeighInWeds weigh in 4!

Tis that time again girls!

I really hope you've done better than me! I think we should all set ourself mini activity targets, e.g. Cutting out sugar, doing some wii fit or taking the stairs instead of lifts etc... Are we all up for that?

Starting weight: 13st 11
Last weeks weight: 13st 6
Current weight: 13st 6

My mini target - I will take the stairs to the office instead of the lifts. On the 3rd floor. Yawn.

- Frankee B


  1. Starting Weight - 9st 8lb
    Last weeks weight: 9st 9lbs
    Current Weight - 9st 7lbs


  2. YAY!

    Starting Weight 13st 3lb
    Last Weeks Weight 12st 13lb
    This weeks Weight 12st 11lb

    Very very proud of myself for losing so much really thought I was fighting a losing battle at one point, but it's amazing what a lot of water and some basic exercise will do for your body! Still got an immense way to go till I'm even near my 1st target but still :D.

    My mini target this week is too walk somewhere everyday at least 30mins!

  3. Hiya, not a great week but haven't put any on. Still 11 st 12 same as last week. Have been back at work so thought more would go but it hasn't. Still, have not put on so maybe it will double for next week! :) Well done to everyone who has stuck to it this week! :) xxx

  4. Oops! Forgot the mini target - will take the stairs at work instead of the lift for a week! :)

  5. Starting weight:14 11
    Last weeks weight: 14 7/2
    Today's weight: 14 5

    Woop - I went out and had cocktails but it's still going!
    Mini target - swimming at leasr twice a week