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Wednesday, 17 August 2011

#WeighinWeds Weigh in 6!

Its 6 weeks in ladies... how're we all doing?

I've not weighed myself today (darn nursery runs taking up all my time! ;) ) but will get on the scales tonight..

You know the drill

Starting Weight
Last Weeks Weight
This Weeks Weight

Any targets? mini Goals?


  1. Ok..

    Starting Weight 13st 3
    Last Weeks Weight 12st 10
    This Weeks Weight 12st 11

    So it was bound to happen, stressful week of getting ready to go back to work, combined with my mother and father visiting means I have eaten and drunk my way to a pound gain. I've barely walked anywhere nor drunk enough water.. I am BAD.

    Ben measured me for my new uniform and I was horrified to find out it made me a size 20.. I'm really not a size 20 but it made me cry... Stupid, stupid stupid... despite that tonight I've eaten 2 HUGE portions of blackberry and Apple crumble. I am never going to lose that weight.

    So back on it. The wedding is at the end of September and I am NOT being a fatty for it. I want to look and feel good. I CAN and WILL do this!

  2. Gosh you're defo allowed an off week with all that stress! I hope work goes well and is easier than you think :) you can, of couse do it!!

    Finally weighed myself

    Starting weight: 13st 11
    Last Weeks Weight: 13st 6
    This Weeks Weight: 13st 4

    After a few weeks of stalemate I'm super happy with a 2lb loss. Octobers weightoss target is even more important now, as well as Hub turning 30, my gorgeous (and skinny) friend gets hitched :D

    I'll continue taking the stairs at work, parking up a huge hill and up my water.