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Wednesday, 10 August 2011

#WeighInWeds Weigh in 5!

Another Weigh in...

Starting weight: 13st 11
Last weeks weight: 13st 6
Current weight: 13st 6
still exactly the same for me, though I didn lose 3lbs after trip to the toilt, it was back on the next day (TMI??? LOL)

I've been taking the stairs, but also stuffing myself with pure junk thanks to being in the office, so

Mini Target - continue with stairs and cut out dailt trip to the canteen!

any ideas how we can get remotivated Ladies??


  1. Starting weight: 11st 6
    Last week's weight: 11st 6
    Current weight: 11st 7

    A gain of a pound, so now I'm 3 lbs up from three weeksago when I was 11st 4. Woops! But I guess the good news is all the wine and cheese in France only added on 1 measly pound. I thought it was going to be a lot worse!

  2. Starting weight: 13st 13
    Last weeks weight: 13st 13
    Current weight: 13st 13

    I'm getting sick of this now, the Wii keeps telling me it's a small loss but when will that actually show in pounds. I'm sulking now. I'm exercising more, eating better and still nothing. *pouts*

  3. Starting weight: 8st 8
    Two weeks weight: 8st 5
    Today's weight: 8st 6

    A gain of 1lb somewhere over the last two weeks :( I guess it's nothing tragic, I'm not trying very hard if I'm honest. I've been getting a ton of compliments though, so I need to make sure that doesnt make me lax.

    Mini challenge: I'm back at work which involve sitting for 18 hours a week, meaning I run the risk of the weight creeping back on. Do a brisk walk to and from work (only ten minutes) and use the stairs. Also try and be as active as I can with the boys on my days off

  4. Start weight 13st 3
    Last weeks weight 12st 11
    Today's weight 12st 10

    So another loss, only a pound this week and I had been hoping for more. Have been letting things slide just recently though so I do know why! Have my folks with us for a week now so expecting to gain loads as I eat and drink myself through the pain ;-)

    Mini task - I cannot think of one... I am so bloody lame!